Monday, June 8, 2009

Budapest at Night

Budapest is the capital of Hungary with a population of 1.8 million citizens, it is by far the largest city in the country. The twin cities of Buda and Pest, unified in 1873, face each other across the famous Danube River, linked by the graceful spans of several bridges. The “gateway to Eastern Europe”, Budapest is renowned as a warm-hearted city, with a rich artistic, architectural and cultural legacy, of which its citizens are justly proud. Incredible architecture and rich cultural heritage, Hungary’s capital deserves its reputation as the “Paris of Central Europe”. The picturesque setting on two sides of the Danube, the nine connecting bridges, and the villas and public buildings, make Budapest one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe. The city straddles a gentle curve in the Danube. It has broad avenues, leafy parks and elaborate bathhouses.

Jacob took a ride down the Danube River Saturday night. He emailed and said it was the most beautiful city he had ever seen.

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