Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summer Trip

I'm really excited for my son. He will be traveling to Prague, Czech Republic this summer. He will be studying there for 6 weeks. I looked it up on google and found some great pictures. He's majoring in Photo Journalism so hopefully he will bring back some wonderful pictures.
He first told me he wanted to go last December. Even though I am excited for him, I am still scared. I want him to be an adventurer and see the world, but on the other hand I want to keep him close. When your children are small you can be with them so much, but then they grow up and you have to learn to let go. I think it is much harder for the parents than for them. After all he is 21 and there are so many places he wants to go.
He received his new updated passport Friday, so the reality really set in that he is leaving in May. He was born overseas and was issued his first passport when he was 5 months old, so that one ran out. I will miss him but also envy him in a way.

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