Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Orleans Trip

I will try to explain the pictures above.
My youngest son decided to go on Spring Break from college to New Orleans. He took along 3 friends. On the way down they had an accident in Mississippi, they had a tire blow out on the interstate doing 70 mph. They went over an embankment and through a shallow pond. The car did not come out of the pond completely. The back of the car was still in the water when it stopped. They are really lucky to be alive. Alot of very nice people stopped and ran down the hill to help. Someone called an ambulance, fire, and police. All four boys had gotten out of the car before the people even reached them. They all got out one side. The other side was in water. They were all okay and did not need to go the hospital. One guy stayed the whole time and even gave them a card and told them to call him if they needed anything else.
After paying a tow bill and putting on a tire. They started the car ( a Honda)
drove to a car wash and continued on to New Orleans. They stayed 3 days and drove back to Kentucky, a 9 hour drive.
He then drove the car to our house from college, which is almost another 2 hour drive. It needs a new radiator, fan, and alot of cleaning. The pictures above are the inside of his car. There was a 1/2 inch of mud under the carpet and seats. My oldest son is using a power sprayer to get the mud out. We removed the seats entirely, all the carpet, down to the metal. There was water still standing under the seats and in the trunk.
We already have it cleaned, I will take pictures later of the inside clean.


  1. Thanks. We're are so happy that it turned out the way it did. This is my youngest son Jacob. When he was 17 he had a really bad accident. He was flown to a hospital 2 hours away, and had a broken neck. It was his senior year in high school. He was in a upper body/ neck brace for 3 months. He fully recovered and is currently in his third year at a university.